About the Scale of the Universe

Scale of the Universe is a visual tool for getting a sense of the scale of various objects in the universe. It has a wide collection of objects ranging from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies. Since it's initial version in 2010 as an Adobe Flash app, it has since been updated with new discoveries and modern code. Today, schools around the world use Scale of the Universe as a learning tool to show just how large our world truly is.

Meet the Creators

Cary Huang

Original Creator

Cary Huang is the original creator of Scale of the Universe from over 10 years ago. Along with his brother, He created JacknJellify, a YouTube channel that produces animations for kids which has reached over a billion views and a million subscribers. His personal YouTube channel, carykh, has evolved to educate and entertain viewers about machine learning, science, math, and programming. In 2020 Cary graduated from Stanford University with a degree in computer science. He loves to solve Rubiks Cubes and is an umbraphile.

Peter Ruette

Project Manager

Peter Ruette is the project manager for Scale of the Universe and a close friend of Cary. Peter has experience in business management and marketing in and beyond software development for both startups as well as major companies. Currently, he is working with the startup neurosnap.ai. Peter is interested in expanding the educational opportunities of Scale of the Universe and has connections with teachers and schools around the world who enjoy using SOTU to teach their students about the diversity of the universe across time and space. Peter has visited countries including (but certainly not limited to) Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and France where he has gained firsthand experience with the cultures of these areas. Peter's hobbies include hiking, generals.io, and Pokemon Go.

Dave Caruso


Dave Caruso is one of the developers behind the Scale of the Universe website. In the past, he's worked on other projects such as Elemental 4, a game that had millions of players with 14,000 submissions of user-created content. He's also the lead developer behind Purplet, an open-source Discord bot framework that he uses to develop his Discord app, CRBT. Combined with his video content and music videos, his creations have been enjoyed by millions globally. When he has time, Dave enjoys producing his own music and engaging with the Bill Wurtz community. You can view his projects at his website, paperdave.net.

Ben Plate


Ben Plate is a developer for Scale of Universe with a decade of programming experience. In the past, he worked with a professor at Arizona State University to create a deep neural network that generates novel music by training off of the works of classical composers. Now, he's studying computer science at UC Berkeley and is the lead developer behind the new, unreleased website at the OCF, a student-run organization at UC Berkeley that provides free computing resources to students and faculty, as well as the lead developer behind Moonband, a device that helps prevent drowning that received 2nd place in the Johns Hopkins Global Healthcare Design Competition. On his offtime, Ben enjoys playing chess, grand strategy games, Catan, and table tennis. You can learn more about him at his website, ben9583.com.

James o'Loughlin


James o’Loughlin is an SEO specialist for Scale of the Universe. He is a professor and is the CEO of Pixaura, a digital marketing company that specializes in design and SEO. In 2011, he started mining Bitcoin and years later he was able to pay off his house using the profits. Currently he's also working on CliqRex, an app that allows users to provide recommendations on books, movies, shows, and more to friends and uses algorithms to determine what people have similar 'affinities' and provide recommendations based off of their mutual scores. In his freetime, James likes to bike and has a group he leads among friends.